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Absolutely shocking. I transfered some...

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Absolutely shocking. I transfered some BTC in. Used it to trade. Checked a week later and there was no record of what I bought, coins not there nor the trading history. Went to check my BTC wallet to at least see that come in and the wallet was broken!! A week or so later they 'fixed' the BTC wallet issue by creating a new one (I hadn't asked them to do that), thus no record of the BTC transaction to the old wallet. I raised 2 tickets with them on this showing the transaction in from the exchange I sent it too them from and history of that transaction. In the over 3 months from then they have sent back a few emails, one telling my how to trade on the exchange!?! and when I replied clarifying that was an irrelevant response and what my issue was, again with screenshots of the transer of BTC and the broken BTC wallet that was then changed they said it was being escalated to second level support. 6 weeks later I get an email from the first level support guys with no mention of the level 2 investigation saying they were closing off my ticket and I can raise a new one if need be. There action borders on the criminal, or perhaps it is, I don't know. For your own sake avoid.
03 Apr 2018 by CryptoCompare

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