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Absolutely disgusting support. I accidentally...

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Absolutely disgusting support. I accidentally sent my Everex tokens to the Ethereum wallet on HitBTC. The following has been hell. Lets begin:<br/><br/>Raised a support request (ticket 45336) on the 13th via my account. No one bothered to respond until the 19th, after I requested an update through the public support channel.<br/><br/>Once I posted on public support (twice), got a generic response saying that it would cost $100 to withdraw (fine) and if I would like to proceed, and proceeded to close the tickets on the public support channel.<br/><br/>Advised I'd like to proceed but pay in Eth if possible. HitBTC said that's fine, and they will get back to me soon with more details (still the 19th). <br/><br/>22nd - Followed up asking for update. Was advised that it needed additional investigation and had been escalated to second level support experts and flagged as high priority.<br/><br/>24th - Followed up. No response<br/>26th - Followed up. No response.<br/>28th - Followed up. No response.<br/><br/>Shame because I like their UI, but it's starting to sound like it's all a big scam and my tokens will never be credited. It's an ERC20 token that was sent to an Ethereum wallet, should not be that hard to credit to the right account. At this stage, I don't give a damn about paying in Eth, take it out of the Everex tokens I sent in. I just want this resolved.<br/><br/>Will update with new information as it comes to hand, but until this is resolved, I can only suggest that people STAY AWAY from this exchange,
28 Nov 2017 by CryptoCompare

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