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First day hacked, password safe...

1 Declined

First day hacked, password safe in vault, put on 2fa authentication. They are not willing to refund my losses.
Logged in by a person in kazahsta...
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HitBTC 20 Aug 2017 via CryptoCompare

The fees are off the...

3 Declined

The fees are off the charts, and more often than not, you can barely see your trade history.

HitBTC 19 Aug 2017 via CryptoCompare

Expensive, mysterious, and not transparent......

1 Declined

Expensive, mysterious, and not transparent... adms does so.

HitBTC 18 Aug 2017 via CryptoCompare

They're running a bit of...

1 Declined

They're running a bit of a scam. They'll happily take your money but don't want to give it back:

Dear Alena,

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HitBTC 13 Aug 2017 via CryptoCompare

HitBTC Support does, in fact,...

4 Accepted

HitBTC Support does, in fact, respond to tickets, all you need is patience and follow-up. I understand they are addressing a lot of tickets everyday,... Read more

HitBTC 27 Jul 2017 via CryptoCompare

I have started to use this exchange …

5 Accepted

I have started to use this exchange recently. And I suppose it's very comfortable for me. I like it))

HitBTC 17 Jul 2017 via Trustpilot

What customer support?

1 Accepted

Why even claim to offer customer support? There is no customer support!I made a token deposit into hitBTC that was never credited to my account. Ove... Read more

HitBTC 07 Jul 2017 via Trustpilot

I recently signed up for...

3 Accepted

I recently signed up for an account and bought some of an ICO (they give you an IOU until the coins are dispersed). Everything seemed to work well. I... Read more

HitBTC 24 Jun 2017 via CryptoCompare

I have traded XDN few...

4 Accepted

I have traded XDN few different transactions in and out, no problem or time delay, once sent received and once withdrawn received. I like their report... Read more

HitBTC 17 Jun 2017 via CryptoCompare


1 Accepted

SCAM (i think they are behind the loose oof my funds)It is supossed that 2FA is a secure method for an exchange.Someone login on my account with an ip... Read more

HitBTC 30 May 2017 via Trustpilot


1 Accepted

Scam.I tried to withdraw my Monero, over 10,000 worth, and the Monero were never sent to the specified wallet. I tried repeatedly to get in touch with... Read more

HitBTC 22 May 2017 via Trustpilot


I tried to withdraw my...

1 Accepted


I tried to withdraw my Monero, over 10,000 worth, and the Monero were never sent to the specified wallet. I tried repeatedly to get in...
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HitBTC 21 May 2017 via CryptoCompare

I've followed HitBTC through good...

4 Accepted

I've followed HitBTC through good times and bad times; these guys are real survivors =))) Liquidity is ok, all transactions processed swiftly. Had... Read more

HitBTC 16 May 2017 via CryptoCompare

I regret ask to get...

1 Declined

I regret ask to get verified... they didnt anwser back.

HitBTC 07 Feb 2017 via CryptoCompare

Very good exchange!

5 Declined

I never had any problems!

HitBTC 06 Dec 2016 via Trustpilot

Trading xmr and eth for...

5 Accepted

Trading xmr and eth for few months everything is fine. Seems that traders are coming now - xmr and eth liquidity is perfect now! I like it.

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HitBTC 27 Nov 2016 via CryptoCompare

Got verified couple of days...

4 Accepted

Got verified couple of days ago, hadn't even expected that haha. Everything goes smoothly, surprisingly friendly trading interface!
Good thin...
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HitBTC 26 Jul 2016 via CryptoCompare

Buggy as hell

1 Declined

Buggy as hell

HitBTC 14 Jul 2016 via CryptoCompare

Are they still alive/!

3 Declined

hitbtc was cool 2 years ago. I am surprised they are still alive. They had so much troubles.

HitBTC 11 Jun 2016 via Trustpilot


1 Accepted

HITBTC IS A SCAM - first they'll ask you for normal docs - ID, POA and a weird one that no website ever asked = a document wih my name and IBAN on... Read more

HitBTC 23 May 2016 via CryptoCompare

hello every one since the...

3 Accepted

hello every one since the cryptocurrency trading goes fine,but still i haven't done any fiat withdrawls,but having some kind of broadcasting error... Read more

HitBTC 20 May 2016 via CryptoCompare

Withdrawals randomly halted.

1 Accepted

This website earns money the following way.1. You deposit fiat.2. Withdrawal of fiat is halted.3. You have buy cryptocurrency. Buying crypto incurs in... Read more

HitBTC 11 Apr 2015 via Trustpilot


5 Declined

You are a very nice company!

HitBTC 22 Dec 2014 via Trustpilot

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