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2Fa disconnection

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Good afternoon, I like so many people who agree in groups of skype, telegram etc, is a constant umillacion on their part towards us when we have according to what problems, I only want after weeks and ask me for all the company, selfies, photos, Dni , account number, WHAT SEEMS TO ME EXCESSIBLE IS TO ASK FOR SOME INFORMATION THAT IS WITHIN MY ACCOUNT IF I CAN NOT ACCESS, there are videos on youtube that explain much more than that, I am willing to lose my account, but there is no one sensible in support that with these data have enough?1526539423 2FA se activó con éxito IP Escriba su código de copia de seguridad: D1zx-Ujkd-rYYj-imnc-Hjhv-hbdJ -- Atentamente:Juanjo IbáñezTeléfono: 687720951
Juan Jose Ibañez Garcia
25 Jun 2018 by Trustpilot

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