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Scam alert.I've been trading on Hashing24 for the past three years, and i've enjoyed their service. Unfortunatley i came across the same problem as all the others writing reviews inhere.One of my contracts had a maintenence cost and I didn't have autopay on. This caused them to terminate my 200euro contract WITHOUT ANY WARNING. I never recieved an e-mail or a warning that the contract would be terminated and I had no idea. I spoke with the customer service team who told me they couldn't do anything to retrieve the account.This is a horrible way of making money of investors and I sincerely hope this post will make people thing twice before using Hashing24.EDIT: After seeing your answer;Absolute bull****. You should be ashamed of yourself, scamming people out of money. Look at this effing thread, you delusional clowns. More than 50% 1-star reviews. Don't' hide behind a "well it says so in the contract"-excuse. LOOK AT HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE EXPERIENCING THIS!!What the hell is the matter with you guys? Does greed have no limit? I hope you get put infront of a judge for this behaviour, as I think it's downright criminal.
Lars Keiding
11 Feb 2020 by Trustpilot

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