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A custody-free multiplatform cryptocurrency wallet.

After long research and use...

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After long research and use of tons of wallets i consider to stay with Guarda. There some very big advantages against all other ones. For example ANY kind of private key import. Password protected backup file which can be 3kb txt file or plain text copy-pasted to any document ! Back up works on app and on web and on mobile device and some more. <br/>Also there few issues, for example XRP not smooth sync with Ripple blockchain, and Monero as well.. This is not big issue for me. I understand how Monero and XRP blockchain works... Go for Guarda if you have multiple coins and for back up options!<br/><br/>p.s. There no way to extract private keys from guarda backup, so instead of storing yours private keys or seed words somewhere "secure" just import yours paper walets, seeds or any other private keys to guarda and back up all coins to one txt file which are pw protected. If you paranoid, encrypt this guarda backup txt with pgp or gpg.
28 Dec 2018 by CryptoCompare

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