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A custody-free multiplatform cryptocurrency wallet.

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Отличный кошелек! Прекрасно работает служба...

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Отличный кошелек! Прекрасно работает служба поддержки. Отвечают оперативно и быстро. А главное, что вопросы по ошибках в работе устраняются. Не оставл... Read more

Guarda 29 Jul 2021 via CryptoCompare

The speed of response and...

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The speed of response and troubleshooting of the support team was so high that I was surprised, yes, definitely the support staff of Guarda Wallet wer... Read more

Guarda 04 Jul 2021 via CryptoCompare

I thank the Guarda support...

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I thank the Guarda support and management team for following up and paying special attention to my case. Thank you for returning my lost money. Garda... Read more

Guarda 18 Jun 2021 via CryptoCompare

Ever since I became acquainted...

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Ever since I became acquainted with cryptocurrencies, I have become familiar with the Guarda wallet.
I have several wallets, I even have a hardwar...
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Guarda 14 Jun 2021 via CryptoCompare

Many thanks for the Guarda...

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Many thanks for the Guarda support team!
I had a little problem in my wallet, but the support solved it very fast, they always stayed in touch, co...
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Guarda 12 Jun 2021 via CryptoCompare

Guarda wallet has worked well...

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Guarda wallet has worked well for me for six months! I would recommend Guarda.

Guarda 05 Jun 2021 via CryptoCompare

Excellent app. Using it for...

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Excellent app. Using it for more than one year. Swapping crypto is very fast and easy. I strongly recommend it.

Guarda 24 May 2021 via CryptoCompare

Good wallet because you own...

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Good wallet because you own your private keys and good staking rewards

High fees for everything (send, staking, etc). I don't...
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Guarda 06 May 2021 via CryptoCompare

In fact, I have tried...

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In fact, I have tried many wallets, but the guard wallet is the best wallet with great features and easy to use you who read the comment I advise you... Read more

Guarda 11 Apr 2021 via CryptoCompare

Guarda wallet is easy to...

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Guarda wallet is easy to use. This type of application will bring more people to crypto. Staking is a game-changer!

Guarda 04 Apr 2021 via CryptoCompare

I transferred a small amount...

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I transferred a small amount of about 50 euros from the bitcoin wallet to another bitcoin wallet and kept a 7% commission rate for services other than... Read more

Guarda 01 Apr 2021 via CryptoCompare

easy to use & support...

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easy to use & support many coins , with great security

Guarda 27 Mar 2021 via CryptoCompare

real support for customers, assoc...

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real support for customers, assoc replying less in 12 hours (given time differences etc.). very good for beginners - a lot of turns for dummies are ta... Read more

Guarda 24 Mar 2021 via CryptoCompare

easy to use, supports many...

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easy to use, supports many coins, staking, but need 2 Factor Authentication

Guarda 04 Mar 2021 via CryptoCompare

Very easy to use and...

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Very easy to use and support staking.

Guarda 26 Feb 2021 via CryptoCompare

One of may favorite wallet


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One of may favorite wallet

strong, Nice design + easy for use

Guarda 09 Feb 2021 via CryptoCompare

Love it! Nothing I can...

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Love it! Nothing I can say that hasn't been said, definitely one of the best non-custodial in to date. Just needs more features but I'm sure a... Read more

Guarda 29 Jan 2021 via CryptoCompare


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Guarda 15 Jan 2021 via CryptoCompare

the BEST, open source, Non...

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the BEST, open source, Non Custodial, FREE, all plataforms, best of the BEST

Guarda 07 Jan 2021 via CryptoCompare

the BEST!!!

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the BEST!!!

Guarda 04 Jan 2021 via CryptoCompare

This Is An Amazing-Efficient And...

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This Is An Amazing-Efficient And All Those Working With This Platform Are With Great Commitment To We Users And I Love Them All!
I Also Wish Them...
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Guarda 22 Dec 2020 via CryptoCompare

This is one of the...

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This is one of the easiest and full featured wallets out there, their experience on coin splitting/hard forks is incredible, they made so easy to get... Read more

Guarda 16 Dec 2020 via CryptoCompare

easy to use, supports many...

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easy to use, supports many coins and low transfer fees

Guarda 05 Dec 2020 via CryptoCompare

can not paste in guarva...

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can not paste in guarva system when i copied address

Guarda 22 Nov 2020 via CryptoCompare

Guarda is changing, but not...

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Guarda is changing, but not for the better. Now you cannot send multiple BTC transactions in a row, you must wait until the first transaction is confi... Read more

Guarda 15 Nov 2020 via CryptoCompare

The wallet is simple to...

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The wallet is simple to use, clean and good GUi design. I also like that the exchange fees are about 1.5% which is good compared to other wallets and... Read more

Guarda 21 Oct 2020 via CryptoCompare

Like it

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I like it, secure plataform and with a frendly interface.

Guarda 02 Sep 2020 via Trustpilot


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Guarda 02 Sep 2020 via Trustpilot

Very good costumer support

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Very good costumer support. Quick response and very polite.

Guarda 01 Sep 2020 via Trustpilot

excellent and easy to use

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excellent and easy to use, minimum fee for transactions, interested

Guarda 01 Sep 2020 via Trustpilot

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