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GreenAddress brings for you all...

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GreenAddress brings for you all the convenient features, security measures and good privacy. It is also an open source wallet that gives you all benef... Read more

GreenAddress 19 Jun 2018 via CryptoCompare

It's the only Bitcoin wallet...

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It's the only Bitcoin wallet I really like. It has the latest ongoing BTC segwit and fees are about $1.50 recently. I began using it upon reading... Read more

GreenAddress 12 Oct 2017 via CryptoCompare

Bad wallet. First the fees...

1 Accepted

Bad wallet. First the fees are quite high, and nowhere did it ever mention it (more than 1%), but moreover, it is ridiculously slow and claims that yo... Read more

GreenAddress 06 Oct 2016 via CryptoCompare

I thought it was a...

1 Accepted

I thought it was a good wallet until I withdrew my first transaction and saw the high fee that they took for it. I withdrew all my bitcoin from Green... Read more

GreenAddress 09 Jul 2016 via CryptoCompare

"Payments have to be approved...

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"Payments have to be approved by Green Address itself." This is the problem. It's a horrible design flaw. Multisig was never meant t... Read more

GreenAddress 03 Sep 2015 via CryptoCompare

A decent wallet

3 Declined

A decent wallet

GreenAddress 31 May 2015 via CryptoCompare

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