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Youbi Capital is a private equity fund registered in the Cayman Islands. Founded by senior Wall Street professional investors, the world's top BTC mining pool owner, and veteran crypto currency investment experts, Youbi focuse on investing in overseas blockchain projects. Youbi Capital is committed to long-term value investment in the blockchain ecosystem and has invested in more than 20 next-generation blockchain technologies and Dapps, nearly US$60 million. 

Funds return NA
Date of foundation NA
Strategy Asset management
Target Crypto


Project name Industries eth return Money raised
Blockchain Infrastructure 7.16 x $8,500,000
Financial Services 6.1 x $30,000,000
Blockchain Infrastructure 1.74 x $45,000,000
IT 0.79 x $32,848,000
Commerce & Retail 0.39 x $30,882,000
Financial Services 0.27 x $33,408,000
Computing & Data Storage 0.16 x $16,473,000
Blockchain Infrastructure 0.08 x $35,000,000
Computing & Data Storage 0.03 x $25,500,000
Blockchain Infrastructure NA NA
Business Services & Consulting, Blockchain Infrastructure NA NA
Blockchain Infrastructure NA NA
Blockchain Infrastructure, Computing & Data Storage NA $23,606,000
Gambling & Betting NA $18,548,000
Financial Services NA $17,000,000
aum Avg. ICO ETH ROI
N/A 1.86x
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