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Singapore-based firm that exclusively consults in Blockchain-enabled companies. Their mission is to realize the future of Blockchain economy by consulting in game changing projects and companies. Signum Capital participate in Pre-sale stages of Token Generation Events and Equity investments.  

Funds return NA
Date of foundation NA
Strategy Venture
Target Blockchain startups


Project name Industries eth return Money raised
Blockchain Infrastructure 12.11 x $20,000,000
Blockchain Infrastructure 10.85 x $8,500,000
Banking & Payments 8.63 x $27,000,000
Blockchain Infrastructure 5.58 x $24,750,000
Social Media & Communication, Commerce & Retail 3.27 x $33,360,000
Trading 2.5 x $34,300,000
Computing & Data Storage 1.92 x $2,200,000
Exchanges & Wallets 1.29 x $48,960,000
Blockchain Infrastructure 0.76 x NA
Financial Services 0.73 x $26,400,000
Financial Services 0.68 x $80,000,000
Privacy & Security 0.5 x $27,700,000
Social Media & Communication 0.38 x $681,000
Computing & Data Storage, Legal Services NA $12,479,000
Financial Services NA $17,500,000
Computing & Data Storage NA NA
Blockchain Infrastructure NA $39,400,000
Blockchain Infrastructure NA $20,000,000
Computing & Data Storage NA NA
Real Estate NA NA
Financial Services NA NA
Blockchain Infrastructure NA NA
Data Analytics NA NA
aum Avg. ICO ETH ROI
N/A 3.76x

Signum Capital Pte Ltd

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