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Vain Freewallet security

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Horrible. Came to use Freewallet by MinerGate's blackmail. To Find out their elaborate "safety" measures. After setting a 4-digit-PIN code, AND repeating it. I couldnt login. The PIN appeared wrong.Hmm. After contacting their support and getting a response three days later, they allowed me to reset the PIN, ony to discover their "elaborate" safety consisted out of the same monopoly; Google. 2FA, Google Captcha, in short, theyre SO incompetent in security, they rather implement security ISSUES from 3rd party BruceAllGoogle.Even after contacting them and literally pointing them to their breaches, they continued to praise their own "engineers". "One can lead a horse too water,... but one cannot make it drink" Lets just hope no one leads anyone to Freewallet.
27 Dec 2018 by Trustpilot

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