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Unforgetable PinCode

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Hi !!!!! I am Danilo O. Cutsero i just want to share , to each in everyone my experienced i encountered in my FREEWALLET , i forgot my PIN CODE which very significant prior to open our account , so what i did is i emailed to in brougt out my problem it takes several days before i re-open my FREEWALLET at first i thought it will difficult on my side to retain my PINCODE due to so many requirements they were asking to be submitted but im wrong , despite the inconvience still they entertain me in a nice and respectful ways and prior to this im so thankful to all the staff of freewallet support because they guide & teach me how to re-open my FREEWALLET using my MOBILE PHONE # . And to those who will encounter problem i advice you don't HESITATE to contact them on the address given to us. More Power to FREEWALLET and God Bless
Danilo Oronos Cutsero
21 Jul 2020 by Trustpilot

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