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scam scam scam $8300

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Absolutely disgusting. I have accumulated 80xmr and decides to withdrawal it as I believe xmr will drop. I firstly withdrew 1xmr which was succefull but apon withdrawing the other 79 I was greeted with "your account has had suspicious activity and will have withdrawals blocked until identification is proved,... so I followed the email (after logging in with password, email confirmation and 2Fa) they asked for Id picks .utility bills under the same address , transaction details from sender, a picture of me on social media aswell as my TAX returns . Now even though I'm not obliged to show most of these requests I did so as we are talking talking about $8300aud. I then received a reply staying they wanted specific details from senders. Mind you the emails were replied by 2 different staff members. My next contact is ASICS in Australia and cyber fraud to have this matter looked into. I have given them a limited time to release my funds before I defame their already tarnished name
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06 Mar 2020 by Trustpilot

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