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Please , God Trust the negative reviews. So I used Frewallet to get into bitcoin until I found out about blockchain. I kept trying to purchase things and my payments would be resent. It was so weird. Anyway, I went to blockchain like a normal person and everything was smooth. I decided ok let me get the money out of this account and shut it down. I tried for a while and all of my transactions from USD to BTC needed an email comf. SO.. when I would go and click the link it would automatically fail. I swear every time!!! So I looked up the review .. well they werent lying. Now , watch , they will come and make a response, "dear madam we are working hard day and night to get this resolved.... blablabla. But its BS, because the same thing happens to everyone else and they are making it look like they are fixing the problem when they are probably sitting on their butts waiting on you to abandon the app and thereby your money. LISTEN DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. USE ANOTHER COMPANY. THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY AND MAKE AN EXCUSE THEY WILL NOT RESOLVE YOUR ISSUE. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HAVE TO WRITE A REVIEW LIKE ME? Also there are TONS of videos on YT that say the same thing!EDIT : they responded and said that I could resend the link which I did multiple times... never worked. They also failed to mention I spoke with one of their Chatters ( no it was not a bot) and they told me they were having problems with their servers... but on their response, they said they had no problem with their servers. I'm keeping all of the screenshots. In case they decide to LIE again. They are stealing. Please Beware.
18 Mar 2019 by Trustpilot

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