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My many issues in 24 hr period

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I made a mobile BCN wallet no problem i deposit 100.99 BCN im happy. I get home i go to verify the email it says email taken. So i go to the pc and my email has not created a BCN so i log in and instead makes a 2nd account for my email. It then asks for verifying. I rant to free wallet instead of mwrging the 2 accounts they respond if i only log in with facebook..... Im already having issues why would i trust logging in with one of my social medias..... THE NEXT STEP for my mobile wallet since it has 100 coins i go make a new email just to have one verified for the mobile wallet AGAIN DOES NOT SEND EMAIL it says SORRY THAT EMAIL IS ALREADY IN USE For real?? A 3 minute life email adress is already taken????? I can only assume this program is a scam when the refuse to verify my mobile account refuse to mwrge 2 qccounts and refuse to make an attempt to help the situation. My currency is worth$.40 BCN but what is it was a bigger currency like Bitcoin 100 coins would have been $1million easy and no way to verify?????To anyone reading this i know technology i am even studying coding. My issues is their end and its easy fixes and their lack for acknowledgement symolizes their shadyness for any future investorsAll i want is my email account and my mobile account to merge
Kevin Freeid
05 Mar 2018 by Trustpilot

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