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Listen to others! 100% scam

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Listen to others!Freewallet is the biggest scam on the cryptocurrency industry!!!Their support is quick but utterly useless. Just like hundreds of others who have reviews them negatively, I had the same experience.They locked my account with over 40k USD worth Monero and asked me to verify. When I provided them everything I could legally, they asked me to find a lawyer. What a joke!40k USD is a lot of money at my age and in my country so I will try my best to move forward legally. Contact me if possible, if you have been scammed so the legal case against them is strong. All I needed was my coins which I earned through investment from my parents money and they stole it from me.DO NOT USE FREEWALLET!!Edit to Freewallet’s reply to this review :No funds were stolen? I’m the owner and you have kept the coins from me for over a year and I provided most verification you asked. THAT IS STEALING, CHEATING, SCAMMING AND UNPROFESSIONAL SERVICE!!!Your security team has not verified me for over 1 week. Are they coming to my country and verifying me in person? If not 1 week+ to reply makes them INCOMPETENT!! My funds have been locked for over a year and no one else have contacted you claiming my account right? That is cause I am the owner!!! No one else knows about this account! There was no hacking attempt!!I provided selfie with writing, passport selfie and many other documents and yet you haven’t given me my account... does a hacker send you selfie ??You guys are censoring comments and posts about the scam on Reddit but fortunately trustpilot does not let you censor!ticket : 250147
10 Nov 2020 by Trustpilot

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