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DUUDE! WHERE'S MY CRYPTO? Is Freewallet a SCAM? Sadly, it appears so

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Just.Wow. About a week and a half ago, I transferred a small amount of Monero from MinerGate to Freewallet. I have a confirmation from Minergate showing the transaction is confirmed. But it never showed up in Freewallet. I've been trying FOR DAYS to work with their "customer support" people. Instead of helping me, they continue to send me an email saying my ticket is closed. When I reply back, they automatically assign a new ticket number and tell me that they already sent me an email with a resolution - and then they tell me NOT to keep opening more tickets, but every time you reply to their email, it opens a new ticket.So where am I? I have NO IDEA. Every time I email them, they keep telling me the problem is resolved and to check my email. I've sent them everything - screen shots of my Inbox, screen shots of the Minergate confirmation, everything.I've read a lot on the Internet about Minergate being a scam. I thought I would try them out with a very small amount of crypto to see if they were a scam. They appear to be, as they will not tell me where my crypto is! DHUUDE - WHERE'S MY CRYPTO!UPDATE AS OF 4/11/2019Despite being in contact with FreeWallet technical support and jumping through all of the numerous hoops they asked me to jump through, they still appear to be no closer to finding my lost Crypto or even being able to log into my FreeWallet account than they ever were. I'm not going to tell any of you readers what to think - just note that I have the voluminous email threads that we've gone back and forth on as proof that while they "appear" to be trying to make things right, the platform "appears" to be incapable of supporting FreeWallet's business goals and my business goals. I'll gladly post an update in the future either way
23 Aug 2019 by Trustpilot

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