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Update 22.02.2018Bytecoin, Changelly, and a lot of other websites are part of this same scam. When I asked them if they would change my Bytecoin (worth € 570 at that time) into Bitcoin, they did so... After I approved the transaction I only received 0,04493541 BTC (which was about € 360 at that time).Something is wrong here, can you find the mistake?Paying about 36% fee is in no way acceptable!However, I am still happy that I got at least SOMETHING back from the scammers...Does that mean I would invest again?What do you think?DON'T SEND YOUR COINS TO ANY OF THEIR APPS!!!And don't use any of their websites that are affiliated with them, which are the - scam - ponzi - fake blockchain - exchange - trading - crypto mining - their recent project..BEWARE OF THE SCAM!Don't trust short reviews claiming that everything is fine with their service. IT IS NOT! 19.02.2018 ==========BEWARE OF THE SCAM!Freewallet has many different apps under their name in the iOs App Store. The reviews there seem very legit and make the apps seem a great choice for anyone who wants to transfer their coins somewhere. I don't know why the App Store has not even ONE bad review on their apps...SO IS THIS A GOOD APP?If you look online you will find many victims of this scam.Of course it's easy to blame a company as a scam and it's a company that is already working for some years without trouble (it seems)....HOW IS THIS A SCAM?- Your coin transfers take agesWe use blockchain technology because it should be faster than bank transfers. However, what is happening here is not normal. And - You can't withdraw your coinsThere is no way to get your coins back to another wallet. Only to their own STEEM wallet.DON'T GET FOOLED!Even though your "coins" appear on your account within a couple of days, there is no way to send them to a different address - only to a STEEM wallet (and guess what, this is the only company providing such a wallet).So you can have fun juggling your coins from one of their wallets to the other, but you already got stolen... If you still managed to get your coins back to another legit wallet, good for you. I have lost enough money already to tell that this company should not be trusted. And I am not the only one.WHAT WALLETS CAN BE TRUSTED?Go to bitcoin(.)org/en/wallets/web/ There you will find a lot of wallets which you can TRUST.I did not know that before, which is why I just looked for "wallet" on the App Store and found freewallet...HOW CAN YOU TRUST ME?As I said, it's very easy for anyone to write a bad review about a company. And who am I that you could trust me and what I am writing here? Lookup the website on WHOIS and see if you could find ANY information about the owners. You won't find ANY information about the company. I don't own a wallet company myself and I am not spreading negative agenda against a company for my own profits. I hereby clarify that I did not get paid to write this review.WHAT IF YOU SEE POSITIVE REVIEWS ABOUT THIS SCAM?- Positive reviews can be bought. And so can be negative reviews. Make sure you know about the source. Other than that, it happens that positive reviews will be posted more easily than negative reviews. I have tried to submit a negative review to the App Store, but it is still not visible there...- Some people have positive experiences, others have negative experiences. But if the negative reviews outnumber the positive reviews, this should be a warning signal for you! That is the case with if you search STEEMIT and BITCOINTALK and REDDIT forums. - The more detailed the (negative) review, the better it is. - Reach out to people who had negative experiences. Try to understand what happened to them.- And don't be BIASED. Marketing can look good, but it's still a scam.P.S.: Please make sure to only use trusted wallets. Don't be a fool. Research before you send coins to ANY wallet.P.P.S: Let's see how long this company will do its SCAM until it finally vanishes...
19 Feb 2018 by Trustpilot

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