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This is probably the very...

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This is probably the very first bitcoin casino that I have joined and still active occasionally that is. I have developed a modified martingale to use in this bitcoin casino but I have seen 21 losing streaks in this site that seem to suggest that the site is hard coded to take advantage to user behavior probably implementing some form of AI that changes results depending on the behavior player. I gave it 5 stars because its faucet that gives you some Satoshis every hour, the site can also be used as a secure wallet for bitcoin with very small fee when withdrawing, lets you earn 4% per annum and also mining and lottery functionality. All of which you can join using the free crypto you get from the faucet. There is also a referral rewards. Definitely one of the most trusted betting platform in cryptp space. There is also a dog equivalent where it gives out free doge instead of Bitcoins.
16 Sep 2018 by CryptoCompare

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