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On the 27th April 2020 I opened an account with Fortune Jack CasinoUpon opening my account with Fortune Jack Casino, I was informed that only ordinary KYC checks would take place due to the nature of the business and only trading in bitcoin. This is heavily promoted through their social media advertising, using it as an incentive for an easy sign up. I find the advertising to be misleading based on my experience with the company. The process was far from easy and even after providing all required documentation I was still refused complete use of my account.For the first few days I used the account with no issues. This meant I could deposit into the account, place bets, and then withdraw without any identification checks being performed.Shortly after, I made a withdrawal which took longer than the advertised timescale of “instant”. When I queried this with the customer service team I was informed that standard security checks were being completed. Subsequently, after a few hours the restriction was lifted, and I assumed the checks had passed. The withdrawal took place and I was led to believe no further security measures would be required. I continued to place bets under this assumption.My account was then restricted, and I was unable to make any sort of withdrawals. However, Fortune Jack still allowed me to place bets and make payments into the account. In this case – ordinarily - full access to an account would be blocked if the company felt the verification was not enough, this did not occur. The restriction of withdrawals had happened directly after winning a large amount on three selections. I was forced to contact customer service to understand why access to my account had been compromised. Fortune Jack Casino informed me that I needed further security checks, and this was to take place over Skype for the ID to be verified.My ID and answers were enough to pass their checks and I believed that they were content with identification. Therefore, I sent further correspondence to question when the “instant” withdrawal would finally take place. However, I received no reply from their customer service after this.Another example of the poor service I have received is regarding the three selections I made. One third of the selection was cancelled making the winnings lower than expected. This was by a notable amount. The response given was that one match did not take place. Dubious that this was fictitious I checked other websites and score sites to find this match had taken place.I still have not received a considerable explanation as to why – at that point - Fortune Jack chose not to make the correct payment on this bet.Contacting customer service, I advised that I would be making complaint and reporting this further. Miraculously they responded almost instantly to say “the investigation of your case has been accomplished. You can continue playing”, all restrictions to the account have been lifted and payment has been made.I do not find this website to be trustworthy. This has been based on the extreme levels of security verification checks that you require even though you have stated in your terms and conditions only standard security checks surrounding KYC will be attempted. The company’s misinformed decisions have led to losses on bets by their customers and it is only until a complaint is raised that Fortune Jack decide to rectify the issue. I am disappointed in the poor quality of service I have received from Fortune Jack and hope other customers do not find themselves in the same position. I feel a revision of procedure in your security checks needs to be considered as it should be a customer-friendly process whilst adhering to your regulatory requirements.
07 May 2020 by Trustpilot

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