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If you want an honest review then read…

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If you want an honest review then read on because I look at all these other reviews and can immediately tell they are fake, most of them anyway. I knew FortuneJack was paying for fake reviews on Askgamblers but now here too. If they didn't put out all these fake reviews I would have given 4 stars instead of 3.I have been playing at FortuneJack on and off since 2014 when they first started. They are a crypto only casino accepting 7 or 8 cryptocurrencies that can be played with. First let me say that FortuneJack isn't a scam site, I imagine the people claiming it's a scam are the same people trying to get one over on the casino some how and got caught. I don't think they would have been around this long if they were scamming players. That said, there are definitely things FJ needs to improve on. For starters, transparency with there players, something that lacks heavily. Faster withdrawals, typically takes a couple hours to receive your withdrawals but they did use to be instant, it would be nice to get back to that statusThey also don't charge any fees for withdrawals so that review where they claim they were charged $20 to make a withdrawal is nonsense and probably wrote it on the wrong company. With deposits they can take up to an hour or so, I think FJ requires more confirmations needed before the deposit is available compared to other casinos.Support is mediocre at best, you will get a reply but it's usually lacking in useful information.FortuneJack does have a ton of slots from all the popular providers including live table games that can be played as well. On of the great features I liked from FortuneJack was the slot contests they host although I haven't seen one in a while. It's usually pretty easy to land on the score bored but I imagine that's because they are lacking in players.They recently added a new cashback program called Miami Garage. Where every player earns cashback no matter what at the beginning of every month. The downsides is to get above the first tier (3%) you have to wager a lot of money. If you manage to land in the next tier up (5%) you have to continue wagering a lot of money or else you fall back into the lower tier again the following month. That shouldn't be the case, once you hit a new tier you should always stay in it no matter what. That's what other casinos do now so FJ should follow suit. It seems like FJ never learns from there mistakes, there's always a catch to there promotions, it's never clear cut. And they wonder why they are struggling. Unfortunately it's not 2014 anymore, competition is getting fierce. There was a time where FJ was one of the only crypto casinos online but not anymore. Maybe they need to clean house and start fresh, get some new ideas in there. Or maybe the owner is the problem stuck in his old greedy ways.FortuneJack isn't all bad, there are good things about them too but that seems to be diminishing over time. You have online casinos these days that give bonuses on a weekly andonthly basis with no wager requirements at all and withdrawable. Those casinos are smart because it says a lot about the casino but especially that they are not out for blood money,they aren't forcing you to play even though they will end up getting it back in most cases anyway.Lastly, bring back the JackMate game where players had a chance to win free money everyday. That was one of the great things that set FortuneJack apart from the rest.
ryan shields
12 Sep 2020 by Trustpilot

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