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Be very careful with these guys

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Be very careful with these guys. I have played here for a year or two without any problems. Then one day out of the blue after I had deposited BCH they say that they no longer take BCH-deposits. Fair enough that, but I find it very annoying that I am not going to get any of the BCH I deposited back or refunded. Apparently there was a warning about this when logging in, which I obviously did not see when depositing, otherwise I would never have deposited. I can see this message now, but that doesn't help a lot. Customer service just ignoring my requests for a refund. It was only 20 Dollars so I can easily live with that, but I feel for those who deposited more. Just very shady business practice to keep the option to deposit BCH when actually not accepting it. I find it better to just stay away because it's pretty obvious if they do this with one coin, they can just as easily follow up with the next coin. There are enough other casinos out there following standard business practices.
05 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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