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Avoid these guys, you're better off gambling ANYWHERE else!

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If you're looking for one of the sketchiest online casinos (apparently based out of Curacao), then look no further! BEFORE you deposit anything, TAKE NOTE; they'll require you to gamble "roll over" your wagers to the sum of 2X your deposited amount. Its within the typical range of most of the shadier online casinos, but it means if you deposit 0.5 btc you'll need to wager 1 btc or more in total bets just to recover your money. You can't just bet on any games either, it has to be wagered toward specific activities to count. Then they try HARD to delay or fabricate reasons not to allow you to withdraw your funds, even when you do qualify. In some cases it'll take 12+ hours to days just recover your own money. They arbitrarily notify you that your "withdrawal is undergoing security review" with no explanation, even though their site claims, you'll get your funds in minutes. If you ask customer support questions as to whats going on, they'll basically shrug and point to their terms and conditions without citing anything specific or trying to help. If you're looking for a well operated online casino, GO ELSEWHERE, but if your looking to deposit your money with sketchy characters and likely never see it again, this is the place.
Delmar Leon
14 Apr 2020 by Trustpilot

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