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Originally, this service was great....

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Originally, this service was great. That being said, I have major doubts that this service is based out of Scotland given the email service that they have available, which seems to be based out of Russia. They've removed a lot of contact options, removed the ability to pay maintenance costs out of pocket so you can keep all bitcoin mined, and removed transparency for maintenance costs. Previously, if maintenance costs were being paid out of the bitcoin mined, it would tell you total mined, and how much was used for maintenance each day. Now it has an "overall" number for mined and spent on maintenance, but no daily breakdown, and the daily amount I've been getting deposited has not changed despite large changes in market value which does not match my prior two years of experience with the service. As it is now, would definitely not recommend this service.
31 Jul 2020 by CryptoCompare

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