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The project is awesome! 70%...

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The project is awesome! 70% of funds collected from purchases goes to the prize pool, an unprecedented amount in the field! The lottery works on an ethereum smart contract, all inbound and outgoing transactions are automatic and traceable, so no way somebody can steal or fiddle with jack-pots. Random numbers are hashes of bitcoin blocks, it's 100% randomness. Payments happen at a speed of ether network, so it's seconds when there is no congestion, be it half an ether or a million. Fiat ticket purchases are coming, which is very convenient for non-crypto audience. Instant games like keno, bingo, slots etc. will be available soon, on a proprietary off-chain solution called FireChain. As the lottery works on ethereum blockchain, there are no geographic or juridical boundaries, the audience is the whole world! And a cherry on the cake, 10% of collected funds goes to FLOT token holders as commissions, so HODL!
20 Aug 2018 by CryptoCompare

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