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ExtStock 08 Nov 2020 via Trustpilot

With ExtStock Exchange, I learned...

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With ExtStock Exchange, I learned a lot of things about doing stocks and how a trading platform works. They are also easy to use especially for first-... Read more

ExtStock 25 Oct 2020 via CryptoCompare

I have easy and quick...

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I have easy and quick access to my account here. Also, ExtStock is a reliable trading platform I've known that is why I'm comfortable opening... Read more

ExtStock 04 Oct 2020 via CryptoCompare

They have all the latest...

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They have all the latest updates from cryptocurrency and I really appreciate how useful their charts are for all my trading decisions. Thank you so mu... Read more

ExtStock 04 Oct 2020 via CryptoCompare

I like this trading platform....

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I like this trading platform. I had an easy time signing up for an account, it is very smooth to deposit and withdraw my funds on their website, and t... Read more

ExtStock 30 Sep 2020 via CryptoCompare

ExtStock is very easy to...

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ExtStock is very easy to contact. Whenever I'm having trouble with my account you can just email them or chat thru their online chat. They will as... Read more

ExtStock 29 Sep 2020 via CryptoCompare

One of the most trustworthy...

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One of the most trustworthy Crypto Exchange I know. They are very responsive with concerns too.

ExtStock 24 Sep 2020 via CryptoCompare

Their customer support is really...

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Their customer support is really responsive and has helped me signing up, I also had an easy time withdrawing and depositing my funds, I like this tra... Read more

ExtStock 22 Sep 2020 via CryptoCompare


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SCAM! please dont use this scammer company, you will never get any cents from this thiefs...

ExtStock 15 Sep 2020 via Trustpilot

I was able to withdraw...

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I was able to withdraw funds after several attempts. Luckily, their support staff were so kind to help me with my concern. Thank you so much.

ExtStock 13 Sep 2020 via CryptoCompare

Be smart enough to know better

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Be smart enough to know better, do your research before getting in business with these Ponzi scheme company. SHAME ON YOU SCAMMERS!!! I am definite th... Read more

ExtStock 09 Sep 2020 via Trustpilot

I am new to trading,...

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I am new to trading, and I am in awe of ExtStock. They made such a huge profit with my investment. Never had any regrets at all.

ExtStock 09 Sep 2020 via CryptoCompare

On impulse I invested at first £250 to…

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On impulse I invested at first £250 to try out cryptocurrency trading. I then traded with them over 5 months with a total of 240k pounds. When I asked... Read more

ExtStock 07 Sep 2020 via Trustpilot

I just recently had a...

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I just recently had a bad experience with ExtStock but I still have hopes from them. Maybe it's just because of the global crisis.

ExtStock 27 Aug 2020 via CryptoCompare

I had trouble withdrawing from...

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I had trouble withdrawing from them initially but I reached out to their support staff and they happily helped sort it out for me. Since that event, I... Read more

ExtStock 19 Aug 2020 via CryptoCompare

The support staff were helpful...

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The support staff were helpful and very professional. They assisted me with my concern all throughout. The website is easy to navigate. I had no probl... Read more

ExtStock 10 Aug 2020 via CryptoCompare

Kindly stay cleer from them

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Kindly stay cleer from them, lost my money to them but got it back. Head|er for detai|s

ExtStock 07 Aug 2020 via Trustpilot

Their support staff was really...

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Their support staff was really helpful and kind, they answered all my inquiries and I had a smooth time withdrawing and depositing my funds. Their web... Read more

ExtStock 04 Aug 2020 via CryptoCompare

Avoid at all cost !!

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Thanks to a reviewer down there who advised about reporting to Secured rec0very on his review titIe, they have just helped me with getting my ETH back... Read more

ExtStock 19 Jul 2020 via Trustpilot

Exchange Cloud Limited and its…

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Exchange Cloud Limited and its directors DISCOVERED recently that their corporate identity had been STOLEN and displayed on extstock.com. They know no... Read more

ExtStock 13 Jul 2020 via Trustpilot

Not withdrawing.

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I sold HTX token that value is now $10. But i can't withdraw it. When i try to making withdraw request it say contact support center. I can't contact.... Read more

ExtStock 07 Jul 2020 via Trustpilot

Check heâder for details........

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Disappointment is a misunderstanding . Total ripoffs , withdrawals are near impossible. Reach out to Adele to get back lost assets.

ExtStock 02 Jul 2020 via Trustpilot

I was honestly disheartened

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I was honestly disappointed when I got lured into imbuing my savings and these crooks took a run for my money. I was swind|ed by their fraudu|ent sch... Read more

ExtStock 02 Jul 2020 via Trustpilot

Can't withdraw money from EXTStock - please help

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Can't withdraw money from EXTStock. Scam. If you figured it out, please help. I am on linkedin

ExtStock 16 Jun 2020 via Trustpilot

every airdrop not receive

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every airdrop not receiveits very baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

ExtStock 09 Jun 2020 via Trustpilot


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ExtStock 08 Jun 2020 via Trustpilot

The website is now down !!

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The website is now down!! I have reported to agencies who helped me get back my ETH from Extstock.Agencies e-dress is attached up. Report them as soon... Read more

ExtStock 08 Jun 2020 via Trustpilot

Won’t allow me to withdraw funds

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Won’t allow me to withdraw my own funds. Requested video of me holding ID and still can’t transfer my funds, due to a “security alert detected” I cont... Read more

ExtStock 29 May 2020 via Trustpilot

ExtStock is a SCAM - Stay Away!

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STAY AWAY FROM @extstock THESE GUYS ARE A BLOODY SCAM! They have blocked my acct even though I completed the security verification. Last week they ask... Read more

ExtStock 19 May 2020 via Trustpilot

I’m lucky to have been introduced to…

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I’m lucky to have been introduced to the best site (Moonbitcoin.live) . they pay on time. I’m getting profit. It is the best place. Previously extstoc... Read more

ExtStock 10 May 2020 via Trustpilot

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