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Wow I can't even explain...

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Wow I can't even explain what a crap wallet this is. I send my litecoin and it disappears for hours, days, weeks. I contact support and instead of trying to help they told me "obviously this wallet isn't for you". It's not for me because it wouldn't work correctly. Then they fed me some mumbo Jumbo about how they have a new version and I need to download that one. Unistalled and installed. same crap. I am still unable to remove my 37 dollars worth of coin, which the "support" person said was such a small amount they call it "dust". Hey I don't care what you call it, it's my 37 dollars and I want it. The program basically only half worked on the old computer but works better on the new computer but my 37 dollars that came back 2 days after I sent it, is not in the restored wallet on the new computer. So Im gathering it never came back at all. I am still utterly stumped at what a crap response I got from "support". They said my wallet wasn't synced with the block chain when my coins disappeared, but that doesn't help fix my lost coins. They basically tried to make it out that I was doing something wrong while also saying it was their wallet while making sure I knew that it was my fault. See some sort of run around crap. coins still missing, can't get my "dust" money. Oh and everytime i sent my coins that did return, they charged me a fee. No refund even after I explained and they explained it was their wallets problem. Good luck to you that like it. I see that it is user friendly as long as everything is working ok. Don't have more than dust in your wallet as it might disappear and they will give you the same crap I got.
09 Jul 2017 by CryptoCompare

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