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The inability to decide your...

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The inability to decide your own transaction fee makes this wallet useless for Bitcoin in the current situation. I mean, Exodus isn't to blame for the fact that the Bitcoin network is grossly overloaded, but you don't even have the option of choosing anything but the maximally-expensive instant processing rate. At the time of this writing, you're forced to pay $14-$15 in fees for even the smallest of transactions. Sometimes, too much ease-of-use is a bad thing.<br/><br/>For the other supported currencies, which don't have Bitcoin's problems, this is definitely one of the better wallets around - especially from a user experience standpoint. It's slick, it's responsive, it has themes, and a friendly and immediately understandable layout where it's impossible to get lost. It just works, and with a minimum of mouseclicks, too. All the more surprising that at the same time, you get one of the higher safety ratings, active support and two separate methods to recover lost wallets.<br/><br/>Now, it's natural that this kind of clean interface comes at the price of depth in the featureset, but at least you get a good trade here - a small amount of missing expert features for a large advantage in experience.<br/><br/>Just don't use it for Bitcoin (until Bitcoin sorts itself out). Because it's such a critical issue right now, the inability to set your own transaction fee really hurts. I can't possibly give it more than four stars like this.
11 Jun 2017 by CryptoCompare

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