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A multi-cryptocurrency wallet that boasts an easy-to-use UI.

Terrific wallet. I was looking...

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Terrific wallet. I was looking for a way to split BCH post BSV chain. I wasn't able to do it inside my hardware wallet and Electrum didn't install correctly on my computer. So, I turned to Exodus (who I've used as a soft wallet for a couple years). Exodus truly helped me with some clear instructions, check points so that I wouldn't lose my coin, and prompt responses. I cannot recommend this wallet enough. It is full featured, has options to get private keys if needed, but they are not so easy to get that someone can mess that up. The main thing is, my wallet is on a computer and that computer MUST be secure. I have a few ground rules for the device starting with a VPN and wired connection. Then the usual software protections. I am so pleased with this wallet.
30 May 2019 by CryptoCompare

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