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My Asset stolen

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Yes, Avoid Exodus Wallet to keep your asset, I lost all my asset with this platform..I am speechless to understand that at the end of the day their excuse was to blame because of hacker or scammer or pblushing scam etc..etc... that could entered my system.. That is the magic answer to be given to any of us who have this problems.A Hacker is not always come from a group of bad guys..what if they came from the Company itself or an untrustworthy staff...which you guys are not aware of or otherwise..I have a new computer with me which I install my exodus Wallet, my 12 phrases was written on a piece of paper not even stored on my computer..how the hell this hacker can get in to the system?? If it does, it show that your wallet security system is not as though as what you guys have declared before. I am very down due to I am a long customer to Exodus..and sadly I have to leave Exodus to go for another alternative to store my assets.A frendly advise:-- If you guys are doing the investigation ..don't just look for Customer mistake ....go & check your own staff for this issue instead..we never know..we are living in a world of technology a scammer is not always waiting outside of us ..they might be sitting beside you...Am I Right? Bottom line I closed my speech now...no point of bla..bla..bla...most definitely I wont get my funds back..anyway If the developer see this comment...hope you enjoy taking our funds...for my friend out there...never-never trust Exodus.io wallet...
05 May 2020 by Trustpilot

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