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I can't recommend Exodus to anyone for the following reasons but please do your own research...<br/><br/>1. Yesterday, I paid $47.61 to transfer over around $438 I think it was to CB.<br/><br/>2. If you're a noob like me and didn't know that ETH is supporting all the other coins they provide except for BTC and BTC cash and you remove all your ETH boy are you going to be in for a surprise. You cannot do anything with any other crypto! A messages displays that says you don't have enough ETH, EVEN if you're working with Aragon, Civic etc. <br/><br/>3. I've sent Exodus 2 direct messages now and quite a few open messages via twitter...crickets, yet notice what happened in number 7. when I messages them about those unavailable cryptos.<br/><br/>4. Within a week, exchanges between coins went from what seemed like no exchange minimum, to $210 minimum.<br/><br/>5. Because of No.4, I now have several coins that are just stuck. <br/><br/>6. For the better half of the week several cryptos said "Temporarily Unavailable". That in and of itself is a joke because there was nothing "temporary" in the lightest sense about some of these down times. Many lasted days but then get this and I'm not making this up. I sent them a message on Twitter and within the 1hr 3 of the 5 I inquire about are now available? That's extremely suspect. What are the chances? By the end of the next day? All were up, just ready to grab and capture your money with those extremely high rates and a forced exchange entry price of $210 minimum.
09 Dec 2017 by CryptoCompare

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