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A multi-cryptocurrency wallet that boasts an easy-to-use UI.

Exodus is simply one of...

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Exodus is simply one of the most visually impressive pieces of software I have ever seen. Actually, I cannot think of anything put together better. These days UX is as valuable as functionality. Part of the UX is good looks and the other parts is #ItJustWorks.<br/><br/>I haven't had a spot of trouble with Exodus since I started using it.<br/><br/>The next best thing about Exodus is the community. Three things stand out for me, all of which result from interactions on the Exodus Slack:<br/>1. One of the founders spoke a tad critically to a user and I gently reprimanded him for it. I was surprised when I was contacted by the founding asking for clarification and advice on how to better handle that in future. In this business, we are used to big egos and #AlwaysRight mentalities. This was refreshing.<br/>2. I observed another user posting a question in a rather panicked stated about an error that had occurred during a transaction they had executed. Within seconds of the post on Slack, they were answered and assured that the issue would be investigated, and they were provided with feedback via Slack (for all of us to see) through to resolution. Imagine a bank providing this sort of support.<br/>3. Finally, I made a stupid mistake and paid some ETH into an ETC wallet and thought I'd lost a large amount of money as a result. Again, within minutes, the Exodus team had helped me understand what I had done and how I could get access to my Ether again.<br/><br/>Incredible software. Incredible support. Incredible community.<br/><br/>I'm sold!
19 May 2017 by CryptoCompare

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