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I've been waiting almost 24 hours for my money to come from you to paypal. Keeps saying that it's waiting for coins or something like that. Here is where they say they were going to send my money.18PCWLHhkBwg73Wb731brq9ZpmeSYWT1cWHere is the entire response from evonax when I go to Track Exchange and put in the above number beginning with 18 into the "enter email or wallet address" -Status: Waiting for coins10/25/2020 3:21:41 AM (UTC)Deposit address:18PCWLHhkBwg73Wb731brq9ZpmeSYWT1cWIncoming TX ID:—Your address:greyhoundpeter...Email:[email protected] do I get the BTC to you?Coin is on its way. Thank youThe coin should've arrived by now.It should be quite apparent that I have no idea what the hell I'm doing here, and obviously I should not have listened to the advice given to send the coin to the address you told me to. It has disappeared into the netherworld and now I'm out a lousy $300.I had $301 on blockchain.com and I went to the send button. I put in the address you gave me and put in $295 in the amount below (leaving $6+ for the fee), gave no description of the transaction and kept the network fee regular and then hit "continue." I then went to bed. I wake up to your message telling me that you have no record of the transaction. I feel like I've been had.Okay, so the money was found and was sent from evonax to my paypal, but the money went from $301 to $255 on my account. I don't have my excel out - nor do I have the inclination to get it out - but if I were to put the numbers in I am sure I would find that the $46 dollars difference works out to be some crazy A.P.R. that one would expect to find from a payday lender. I half expected for this to be the result, no one is going to go through all the headaches associated with this money business unless they are getting paid. I won this money on a betting site so it actually has less value to me then if I had toiled by the sweat of my brow for it, but nevertheless those are egregious numbers I had to pay. I thank you for sorting this out, I don't blame you, and if ever I need your services again at least I know that you will follow through. Thanks again. Peace
Peter Mosher
26 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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