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Key points of this wallet:<br/>-...

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Key points of this wallet:<br/>- very secure <br/>- easy to use with a simple design<br/>- beautiful and fast interface<br/>- great support<br/><br/>I like this wallet a lot and also the community revolving around this project and of course the Enjin Coin.<br/>If you never heard of the coin and project you must checked them out for sure! <br/><br/>And also exciting about future developments:<br/>- the ability to create, import and watch infinite wallets and wallet types<br/>- EnjinX which is a explorer on the web for BTC, LTC and Ethereum-based tokens<br/>- and last but not least the ability to own and hold the items from your games; I can't wait to have this future!
21 Apr 2018 by CryptoCompare

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