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It is a slick wallet....

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It is a slick wallet. The entire Enjin project is slick and well done. When you see all these idiot amateur ICO make me rich s*** coin schemes then you see how it can be done right watching the Enjin team it does give you faith in the crypto world. On top of that gaming is crying out for this, and gamers are just starting to use it.<br/><br/>The way Enjin can hook crypto into a massive network of gamers is not possible for any other crypto out there (even Bitcoin). Only they have the network to get the ball rolling. Individual games can't have their own tokens because to make this work it needs to be a universal solution. It needs to be about gaming communities - not games themselves. Few gamers play only one game.<br/><br/>What is the fuss then? Enjin makes gaming profitable! Like really. if you are good, or decide to quit a game, you can sell your in-game loot, or time, to assist others. Imagine all those people saying to you - gaming - you lazy no good waster - heard that one? Oh yes, you have lol. Now imagine by gaming you make money from your hobby. Still lazy? This could revolutionize gaming. Regulate time played, why, they are making money. Gamers go to work, why, gamers work in the virtual world. if you are nto a gamer, or have been one, this won't sense but a billion of you know it makes sense.<br/><br/>This is a project that delivers! Delivers for their investors and gamers. Keep watching them. When the crypto bubble bursts like the dotcom the pro operators like Aamon walked away unscathed (on no bubbles don't remove all involved just the trash). When the dust settles Enjin will stand tall with Bitcoin and a few other major projects.
22 Apr 2018 by CryptoCompare

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