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This is for me the...

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This is for me the best mobile wallet till now. Very easy to use and manage assets. Possible to store any erc20 asset. Relatively easy to configure erc20 assets that we dont show on options. Multi-currency easy to manage and navigate hover different currencies. Code is opens source, form me an important variable, that secures the ones who understand hardcode can assure us the wallet is secure. We can also buy or exchange crypto easly (this is usefull for an emergency sell or buy, depending our strategy.(I never use that option til now but I like to know it is there.) The only negative point I think is the recovery options. I cant find the traditional way of 12 / 24 words, It seems I only can send a token recovery link by email or write it on paper, what for me is not very secure/friendly recovery method.
22 Oct 2018 by CryptoCompare

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