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I was trying to use Bitcoin to purchase various things online and I decided to use edge for it’s supposed “security” and “ease of use”. I tried to send $50 as a test to see what would happen (their website says 1-60 mins for transfers). I used the cheapest fee option because an hour didn’t seem too bad. 4 hours later nothing. I tried to send 50 with a $5 fee(Coinbase is instant for $1.99) I got nothing again. I tried $50 with a $10 dollar fee. Nothing. So I tried with the maximum $25 dollar transfer fee. 6 hours go by and nothing. I contact their support in an online chat box. Their solution: if I pay an even higher fee then “MAYBE” I “MIGHT” see my last transfer push through a little faster. I ask about my other 3 transfers that haven’t gone through. He never responded. I asked a few more times(maybe he’s busy) still nothing. That was over 2 hours ago. I rate this 1/5 and even that is too high considering they were 0/4 in transfers. Charge outrageously more than anyone else. And refuse to give straight answers (Everything is “may” or “might” or “could” NO REAL INFORMATION). At this point I’ve chalked up the my $250 as a learning experience. USE ANOTHER WALLET <br/><br/>Update: I spoke with a few friends about what happened and they have similar stories. EDGE IS A LITERAL SCAM. I will be contacting apple in the near future to get this app taken out of the AppStore. Nobody else deserves to be robbed by EDGE.
12 Feb 2021 by CryptoCompare

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