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Success with Coinswitch

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I've used coinswitch for multiple exchanges and ran into technical issues twice. In both instances their support was quick and excellent.In the first instance, the rate of exchange had changed to the extent that they cancelled the swap after the first part was completed and instantly offered to follow-through at a slightly reduced rate. Went through fine.Second instance more complex. I was swapping to XRP which requires memo/tag. I entered this and saved the memo, but when the transaction was initiated somehow they did not include the memo. So, the transaction completed but essentially had nowhere specific to go. They helped with a process that could have taken 2-3 weeks to resolve and it has handled in less than 2 hrs. Although a technical glitch that was on their end, and a scary frustrating situation, their assistance and speed of resolution was excellent. I will, and I am using them for more transactions and only hope they maintain the same standard.
16 Aug 2019 by Trustpilot

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