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Stay away from this SCAM company in…

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Stay away from this SCAM company in INDIA!They do not answer and i can not switch form eth to btc. 2 days a go i could do it but i wanted to wait some more days to get more btc for my eth.So 2 days later i today o get more btc for my eth so i wanted to do the coinswitch but now nobody wants to exhcange my eth to btc on Are you are not an exchange company?? Seems or it cealry seems that this company is NOT serious!! BEWARE FOR THESE SCAMMERS. Many people have lost there crypto assets. In my case i did not as they do NOT want to exchange eth to btc (they only do it when they make most money out of it!!) And clearly you are saying that you have this service but only when it suits you.Very bad SERVICE!!!!You want to loose your crypto assets use
Mr Daniel Milinovic
04 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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