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I've used CoinSwitch twice now

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I've used CoinSwitch twice now. The first time it worked 100%, fast, and no BS -- it was magic.The second time Coinbase botched sending the funds to Coinswitch, and my Coinswitch order bombed out and kind of got lost in the ether. I contacted Coinswitch support, and within a couple of hours they were able to track down the failed hour, and gave me the option for either a full refund or to push the order through.I asked that they push the order through, and I received my exchange successfully in less than an hour.Mind you my issue was with Coinbase and not Coinswitch, but Coinswitch floored me with their fast, friendly and excellent support. Keep up the great work guys!I'll be back for more exchanges and will continue sharing my great experience with you :)
Ted Krapf
02 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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