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I sent 3995 XRP to exchange for LTC via…

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I sent 3995 XRP to exchange for LTC via from my ledger Nona S wallet. I noticed destination tag required, so I followed the steps to seeking destination tag, until XRP assets sent out, i did not find destination tag, i was shocked! there is NO DESTINATION TAG space to filled in Ledger Nano S. I contacted coinswitch exchange support immediately about this big issue. The support team is willing to help to ask me the order ID and transaction hass. The support team did help to sort my problem out before. They are really gentle and patience, i felt they understand my upset feeling, tried calm me down. But this one was big issue I thought XRP will be lost. Yesterday coinswitch team support informed me they found my XRP. Now i got all my XRP return my ledger nano wallet. (warning DESTINATION TAG is big trouble to avoid, a lot people lost XRP as DESTINATION TAG )I am using coinswitch exchange one years ago. Why i still am using coinswitch exchange also i registered many other cryptocurreny platform? as coinswitch is best rate, save my money and time, fast exchange, and amazing amazing team support, any problem they really do the very best they can. Finally today i did get rid of XRP to ETH through coinswitch exchange again! Smooth and speed always.Coinswitch exchange is super exchange and excellent customer service
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15 Apr 2019 by Trustpilot

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