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I Lost 3.116 ETH to a Failed Transaction - Never Refunded

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I sent 3.116 ETH to the address provided on Dec 17th 2020 and did not receive the converted BTC coins. The order is now expired. CoinSwitch Order Id234b4244-3693-42ca-b826-91bfe4deb802Deposit Address0x1A67E1da5fdA676B10C8764501EB30DefAf77fabTransaction Hash:0x29a13446a37c6366a2b53657c59b5e41096a4bca425306fa07c76a0889563ac9Refund Address0x9ab69DEf029D7a1a2a8AA3dA0b7b59374Cc4d0F8I had opened a support ticket that day to have the coins refunded to the address I provided in the event the transaction failed. No coins have been refunded. It has now been 21 days! I have had 2 different customer support representatives (Rupsa and Anurag) contact me a total of 5 times telling me to be patient and the coins would be refunded and someone would let me know when it was completed:Dear User,Thanks for contacting CoinSwitch Support.Our sincere apologies on the delay. ​As you have used the Contract wallet address to deposit the ETH, your transaction was not detected. We will refund your coins to your refund address 0x9ab69DEf029D7a1a2a8AA3dA0b7b59374Cc4d0F8 and get back to you with an update.Sincerely,Anurag...and another...Dear User,Thanks for contacting CoinSwitch Support.Our apologies on the delayed response on the matter. ​Upon checking on the refund request I was able to see that the refund request is being processed by the team. We will reach out to you as soon as the refund is completed.Sincerely,RenjuIt has not been 21 DAYS! since my failed transaction and the amount has not been refunded NOR will anyone respond to my continued follow up requests. The customer support is not live and has never been live since I placed the order. There is always a "The team is out right now, but they’ll get back to you" message that states underneath "Leave a message for the coinswitch bot"I have asked for a phone number for support, none given. I've asked for the contact information for their legal department, none given. I've been completely ghosted and they kept my coins.DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH COINSWITCH. If your transaction fails - as mine did - they will NOT return your money.If anyone else has had this experience, or knows whom to contact to report coinswitch, please please let me know!Thank you for reading and God Bless
14 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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