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Excellent Service, do your homework, start small

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I am starting by writing that CoinSwitch is a wonderful service. I wanted to exchange Bitcoin (BTC) for 3 other cryptocurrencies (altcoins), and I successfully completed all 3 trades. Since I am a US citizen, I had no other option to obtain these coins. I deeply appreciate the service that CoinSwitch provides. Bittrex and Binance stopped exchanging these coins for US residents. I also want to write that CoinSwitch is not a scam, so examine those low star reviews and think for yourself.Please read Scott Connor's review. I deeply agree with what Scott wrote. I do not need to repeat it here. Read Scott's excellent review. My personal experience with CoinSwiitch is wonderful. I am brand new to cryptocurrencies, but I have experience as a trader. Since I am a US citizen, I am not permitted to create a CoinSwitch account. However, I am permitted to use the exchange feature. The steps to perform the exchange are reasonably simple, but as with any new process, I needed to learn how it works. The simple description of the process is: Send Bitcoin (BTC) to CoinSwitch, CoinSwitch uses an exchange like Binance to exchange BTC to another token or cryptocurrency, and then CoinSwitch sends the "other token/coin" to your target wallet (address). It worked great.On my second exchange, the fixed rate exchange had a time limit, and the window showed that the time limit expired before my BTC transfer was confirmed. However, I contacted CoinSwitch support and the agent researched my Order ID and confirmed that the transaction had actually completed successfully. The order status screen refreshed, and it showed that the order completed successfully. No further resolution steps were required to fix the order. This was only my second exchange, and I was concerned that my BTC might have been lost, since my sending wallet showed "Completed." The CoinSwitch agent was helpful, clear, and friendly, and best of all researched my Order ID and confirmed that the transaction completed successfully. Do your homework like Scott wrote and perform your steps carefully. I took screenshots of almost every step (I recommend the Greenshot app for screenshots), so that I had documentation of my transactions and could review to make sure I completed each step correctly. I also used the link provided in the order status screen to track the BTC transaction. I have much to learn, but I have learned that when I need to exchange a coin that my US exchange does not handle, I will use CoinSwitch and I appreciate their service.BTW: My first transaction was only a $7 exchange. I wanted to learn the process and so I used a small amount. I recommend this for any first-time users. If you make a mistake and lose $5 - $10, this is better than making a mistake with a $100.
William B
23 Mar 2020 by Trustpilot

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