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Coinswitch & Walletmonero SCAM

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They recommend "" as wallet for XMR transactions. After I reported them that after 3 days I still didn't receive my payment they answered me this: " Sorry for the delay. Thank you for letting us know that "WalletMonero" wallet doesn't have a good review. We have removed the wallet from the suggested wallet list. It was one of the suggested wallets and as soon as we received the complaint we removed it. Thank you." This is joke. They didn't even propose cashback or try to fix the situation. I don't recommend using coinswitch, they use their name to advertise scam sites. That a lack of respect to the customer, if you make mistake you MUST fix it. This isn't a joke or something, people may lose a lot of money.
16 Feb 2019 by Trustpilot

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