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Worst user experience ever. I...

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Worst user experience ever. I reached out on chat after my ID verification was completed asking what needs to be done to ensure that my ETH transaction to make a deposit on their platform is successful and I was told that as long as I enter the correct account address, I should receive my funds "soon". It has been a week now and my funds never arrived. When reached out on chat several times after unsuccessful transaction, all I was told is to be patient as my funds are safe. No estimation, no real help through customer support was offered.<br/>I searched for some more assistance through Telegram where I was told that I actually created an error on their system by not making "the mandated compound initial deposit". Basically, I was accused for making their system malfunction while no such info can be found on their site. I was only advised to make sure that my account address is correct.<br/>I can see people on their Telegram group who are being ignored for months so far and they still receive answers like: "please be patient, your issue will be fixed as soon as possible".<br/>This exchange platform is a SCAM.
17 Jun 2020 by CryptoCompare

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