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Why You scam people?

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Why You scam people?my friend sent in few days ago already all the documents to approve identity and it was approved, and You are cancelling 500USDT+ withdraw already 4 days in a row and nobody of support can't help or answer what is the issue and today he logged in and is USDT is converting to BTC to unknown BTC adress and its pending and he cannot even cancel it, You are just exchanging and sending funds to Your wallet?How is that possible that everything is fine, We wotked for months, no issues and suddenly, Nobody of support cannot help and canceling withdraw 4 days , We have sent it few times eth to cover fees etc. but nothing works out, and today someone , without knowing just exchanges funds in his profile and sending it out?People read previous scams, scroll down more, the last ones with 5 stars are just fake reviews from CPEspecially Jay Jay, how it can be that Coinpamyents (payment service provider which takes extra fees for their service can be called great wallet for holding coins? :D
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20 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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