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I made a payment to the site and it was…

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I made a payment to the site and it was transferred to your site. I made a mistake in the payment and sent less than I needed. After that, I received an email that I can return my sent money back. But I received only 60% of my total amount. I opened the ticket, there I was told that everything else is the commission of the BTC network. But in the transaction I see a payment that is 10-12 times larger than mine and it is in 1 transaction, for some reason I have to pay for the commission for the entire amount sent by you. After a long conversation in the ticket, my account was simply taken and deleted (they did not let me figure out what the problem was). I hope your rotten site will be closed! They don't want to solve problems! If I get a correct answer here, I will correct the review.
14 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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