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Double Check payments

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Came in contact with their service through 2 different websites. In both cases the qr-codes provided where for less then 0.01€ lower then the amount needed to be paid which caused the payments to be insufficient and impossible to complete since you cannot pay an amount like 0.00000061 BTC through some wallets. This was not a rounding error since an amount of 0.0182 became 0.01811939.Both cases just cause about 10€ of the paid amounts in transaction fees which I lost for nothing. Which is just waste.Be very aware when scanning a qr-code from these guys.Support isn't helpfull. Nothing will be done to this issue.To answer the response below: transaction fees are added seperate, which isnt the cause. Also no transaction fee as low as 0.01€ would ever be accepted.
Josoy Dela Montagna
06 Nov 2020 by Trustpilot

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