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CoinPayments scam

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CoinPayments refuses to refund me BTC that was delayed due to high transaction volume. They say the amount is currently too small to refund because of the high transaction fees, but are unwilling to work with me to perform the refund when fees drop down to normal again. This doesn't make any sense.Their merchant integration has a time limit for transactions to confirm. If your transaction confirms outside of their arbitrary time limit, you are out of luck. They don't have any system in place that adjusts the time limit during high surges on the blockchain, and they don't have any system in place to refund people who get caught in these situations. Their "solution" is to keep your money and ignore you.Go ahead and read all of the other reviews that mention this exact problem.They suggested I contact the merchant about the situation, so I did. The merchant told me to get into contact with CoinPayments. This leads to nowhere.
02 Nov 2020 by Trustpilot

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