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Unacountable with Bad Attitudes

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I've held a coinjar account for approx 3 years. Either every customer experiences a plethora of account related issues, or... I was just unfortunate. Either way, with the HIGH fees they charge, I expect a certain level of not only service but also accountability when they (coinjar) screw up. Unfortunately that does not happen. A few months back I was threatened with account closure, why? Because I challenged the 'wrong' (untrue) information provided to me by support. I was never rude, or swore. BUT was told not do do either again, or my account would be terminated. A couple of days ago, another issue arose. They sent a BTC payment with such a low fee, that it took 10 hours or so to receive the 1'st confirmation. They charge absurd fees, and even a currency exchange fee on BTC. Hence, I expect the miner's fee to be correct for high priority at the time of sending. Anyway, I complained again, and the support guy who I locked horns with last time, closed my account forthwith. It's fine, I have another BTC wallet... But maybe it's time I learn how to use my Nano. Least then I can decide the miner's fee, and I wont get slogged ridiculous double dipping fees, either. Plus, I hold my private-key, hence, I own the coins, not Coinjar, if it ever came to that issue. My advice... Take what myself and JC state as true. This is the 1'st bad review I'm giving coinjar, but it certainly wont be the last... I've done nothing wrong, the support guy (name starts with A and ends in N) acts like an entitled, power hungry, bully!Edit:Reply to Coinjar's response... How can one possibly accept multiple explanations, when, it's wrong information! FYI... Your CSR Aaron needs more training... ALL sent BTC has a TXID. If it doesn't, it was not sent. In addition, when BTC is sent (with a TXID) that transaction arrives, almost immediately, on the blockchain. According to Aaron, it can take ages to arrive on the "blockchain"... Reiterating, I flatly refuse to accept misleading, & or just plain "wrong" information, from, a coinjar CSR. Clearly, anyone who challenges this "misleading & or just plain wrong information", is threatened with account closure. I'll end by saying, I was never, ever rude, threatening or abusive. To claim I was just as misleading and "wrong" as the information given by your inapt, and clueless CSR, Aaron.
24 Dec 2020 by Trustpilot

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